The Honda civic brand has been a globally recognized label for years owing to its long history and unrestrained ingenuity in concept. The originality and endeavor to produce world class vehicles has always put the civic brand on the top list for most sorted vehicles around the world along with some others like the Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ferrari and Nissan. Each model peculiar in its own way but seeks to fulfill your every driving fantasy with its elegant cabin, urbane interior, a great stance and adequate passenger space. The steering is extremely nimble and makes navigation seamless even on bumpy, slippery and uneven terrain; the civic smoothly forges its ways like a tiger! If you are a thrill seeker and require that fast and furious life style, you are definitely on the right track with the civic. It features a turbo charged engine, break wind acceleration with little lag, an orthodox six-speed manual transmission, a continuous variable transmission (CVT) with an outstanding performance and fuel economy engine. The entertainment system is stylish and intricate with a touch screen which contains control buttons. Space is one distinctive feature of the Honda civic brand. It has an abundance of passenger and cargos space especially for the hatchback style.


A couple of technological tweaks that sets this model apart from its predecessors are;

Agility- the brand new Honda civic is much easier to navigate around sharp turns and has a fairly sporty expression.
Engine power- accelerations is improved with its four cylinder engine turbo charged, six-speed manual transmission and CVT which works surprisingly perfect with the civic

Fuel economy- the civic over laps other labels as one of the best fuel economy vehicles of all time. The civic sedan burns 32mpg in the city and 42mpg on the highway.

Safety features- safety technology is definitely improved on the 2017 model. It features a crash mitigation system such as road derailing warning, collision warning, lane departure warning, a rear view camera with multiple angles which gives you a broader view. These features make the Honda civic a very credible choice of vehicle for safety and crash reliability.

Warranty- according to reviews the 2017 Honda Civic is said to come with a 3 year 36,000 mile vehicle warranty and a 5 year 60,000 mile new vehicle warranty.

The five seated is available in coupe, sedan and hatch back with a 2.0- liter four cylinder engine, a front wheel drive with a six- speed manual transmission. the standard and available features include, a USB port, an automatic climate control system, Bluetooth, a rear view camera, internet and radio compatible system, leather upholstery, moon roof, 8-10 speaker system, a 7-inch touch screen infotainment system, android smart phone integration, pre-collision warning and automatic braking system, lane assist and cruise control and collision warning.

April 6th 2017 marks the debut of the civic Si model. It features a coupe and sedan version. Civic fans are definitely in for a treat with this modern day charmer.

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